your impressive mounds of delight. You let out a quiet moan of ecstasy while I intertwine my fingers through the back of your hair, pulling your head back and turning it slightly, as I kiss your mouth briefly, ending with the slight nibble of your bottom lip. Removing your shirt and bra, one-handed, your massive and beautiful breasts introduce

My Prostate Massage : A True Story

resembles is probably Anna Torv, the actress who plays Olivia Dunham on the TV series Fringe. I never got a good look at her figure because I've never seen her without her lab coat, but she looked fit under there, and we had discussed fitness before so I knew that she went jogging regularly. Other than that, I had no other personal information

I’m Still in Love – First Steps

We started talking about what we liked and didn’t like when it came to love. Then we move on to talking about sex. It was just two adults having inappropriate conversations about things we could not talk about with anyone else. Was it wrong? Yes, but we are adults and we can do small wrongs and have no one get hurt. Were we went wrong (or where

Thirteen Steps from Heaven or Hell

wondering if I could find a way to see more. It was unholy to even consider it. A one-way ticket to hell, for sure. But on the flipside, I couldn't unsee what I'd seen already. Was a little more of the same thing so bad? The lyrics from a song I'd heard on the radio swam through my head. Something about coming back Sunday morning to sell your

Revision with a Sting

She knelt down in front of me and stroked my aching cock before slowly getting up, brushing her hair and breasts along my erection and up my chest. She was pressing herself against me but when I tried to touch her, she said strictly, “Stand up straight, keep your hands on your head.” She walked round to one side of me, picked up her plastic

1st Kiss - How I Became an Exhibitionist

you meet who undress you crudely with their eyes making you feel uncomfortable...but eyes that were enjoying I... put myself in front of them. They were enjoying me...and it was right there that I understood what hubby had been trying to tell me...that “ getting caught” or being seen naked while we enjoyed each other wasn't

My First Time

harder as he continued to rim meA few minutes later he removed his tongue from my ass and told me to turn around, I did as he asked, and he quickly started licking up and down my cock before taking my small cock in his mouth. He sucked better than any woman I've ever been with. He knew I was getting close; it was at this point he stopped and said

Teach me how to Ride

He watched my grandma almost stab a fork into his hand when he said "little younger".  "Calm down! And she isn't into me. Barely knows I'm here, but a nice rack on her." I swear I could see him looking at me as if I was the girl he was talking about.  "Does she go to your school?" She asked, cutting her pizza with a knife that looked sharp enough

Playing With Fire

lot. Karen is an adult now, and I'm sure she's had her share of boyfriends at university. Stop worrying. The question for me, is how you felt about me with another man?" "Well... I felt all kinds of things. Excitement, jealousy, apprehension, love, desire, and insatiable, uncontrollable lust. How about you?" "It's probably good that I waited

Fat fucker

herfingers. “Feels like you’re ready for another round,”she whispered.I moved around behind her, and rolled her over on herside. I pushed her top leg forward, and straddled thelower one. I moved up until my cockhead was poised atthe entrance to her cunt.“Yeah, do it!” she breathed. “Fuck me again!”I slid forward and my cock slid easily into her


was hardly as large as Eric or that banana I gagged every time I attempted to give him head. I slowly peeled the banana, licking it slowlyDalila: u like thatThickdickeric: yea, do it againI licked the banana again, then put a little of it in my mouth, then I slid in a little more and started to choke, Then I removed the banana completely peeled

The Ordinary Model - part 1

soon became insufficient to cover the amount needed to service the debt on the cards. So here she was, sitting on the severity of a hard school chair, her clothes neatly stacked on the table. The purple satin robe she was wearing was a birthday present from her husband. It was deliciously comfortable after a nice warm soak in perfumed bath salts

Business Partner’s Mother

her feel so sexy, and thanked me for helping her get some. She said her friend and her have licked each other since and they both love it. I am the luckiest guy that I know of, to have this 24yo hot sexy girl to be my FB. She has another GF she would love to bring over, I said let’s do it! So glad I never started anything with her mother!

Blind My Eyes- Chapter 2

lived in a huge mansion in New York, and he had many homes all over the world. He was tall in stature, had short blonde hair, ice blue eyes, and he always dressed in the most extravagantly expensive suits. His skin color was pale and sickly white since he could not walk in the sun. But that never stopped him from achieving all that he had. It

Mixing Tennis with Sex, Part 3

for five years and have never experienced the joy of sex that Rex and I had during those hours. We didn’t make love all the time, but we were together talking, eating, doing the dishes, listening to music, dancing, watching TV, and washing each other in the shower. We couldn’t keep our hands off each other. It was the most intense sex of my life,

A Little Death ( A Miranda & Victoria Story)

in the room was aware that she wasnt wearing panties since her cunt line was clearly visible the crotch of the shorts. Victoria did everything right, she booked the tightest DJ in LA and the crotch buzzing music never stopped all night long. It was the best party Miranda had ever been to. Her heart was beating more quickly, she saw Victoria

The Self Sufficient Hermit

out to Amber. That water was cold now, let me tell you! As I reached Amber I glanced up to see the blonde in the boat. She was laughing and pointing at us as a couple of large men in suits jumped onto the dock to tie up. Anger cannot describe my feelings at that moment. Grabbing Amber with my arm under both of hers and around her chest, I started

My Pet is the Best Sub Ever

not do. It was in a club in Indianapolis that had a bad reputation. But I like those kind of places. They keep my adrenaline pumping and make me feel alive. When I walked in I saw her sitting at the bar between two goofs looking for a good time. She had long, wavy blond hair falling about her exposed shoulders. She was wearing a sports bra that

DIY Teens ptIII

my twat’ was and how much he’d enjoyed ‘cumming in my mouth.’ “Please Dekka!” Garry pleaded as his brother pounded me like Rottweiler and its bitch, “don’t get her pregnant…please…. Shoot on her tits or face…she loves that….just not in her twat!” “Okay, okay.” The elder brother panted as he pulled himself up onto his wrists while

The Wedding Ch. 19

as the young man’s swollen rod slid in and out of her. ‘Lennnnnnnnn!!! Oh, Lorddddddddddddd!!! Yesssssss!!!! Gahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!’ she whimpered. She wrapped her arms around him and clutched him, shuddering violently when an incredibly intense orgasm ripped through her. ‘Ohhhhhhhh!!! Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!! Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!’ ‘Oh,

SEXI: MAD Costume Party

best thigh high hose embraced her long legs; she'd worn the red heels that Bob always liked her to wear.Her cell phone beeped a text message incoming, grabbing her attention. Bob didn't usually text, he preferred to hear her talk, he said; she picked it up and read the screen.'Darling, I have to ask you something. Only you can do this. You need

Susan Learns What She Likes, At Last!

to ask. I want to finally see a penis without the threat that it is going to ram into my puss or spit all over me. Will you let me see yours?” “I’m hesitant, but cannot turn you down as part of our deal to talk about everything. Promise you won’t break the rules?” “I promise. Take off your shorts and let me see it up close.” “Here it is for you

Discover Cove - Part 1

and pulled him up out of the jacuzzi.She knelt down on a small pillow before him and took his hard thick member into her hands and started to stroke him. She glanced over at the other cove and noticed both couples had their girls bent over and were fucking them from behind. She liked this. She looked up at Alex while she took his stiff stick into

Wifes Aunty (True)

glass of wine’ ‘Its gone straight through me’ ‘ I really need to pee’ We were only half way throught the journey. There was no way we would make it home. I started to look for somewhere to stop. But in front of me it seemed like endless fields with no shelter. As we went on she started to moan, and hold her crotch. She was worried about making a

Meeting boyfriends mate

amazing sex life they had, and how they would like to spice things up.The subject of a threesome came up, and his friend seemed all too keen to help out. Now he just had to discuss it with Lyndsey.When they had talked about it in the past, they had agreed it would be with a stranger. No ties to anyone, no pressure, it would be just another cock.

The Institute Prolog

“You do like your slicks don’t you?” I stated, using the term she came up with to describe the young hairless girls she liked. “Slicker the better.” she confirmed.“Come on sweetie, you can have her later.” I said, as I started the program on the computer. We left and let the hypno program do it’s thing. We returned about an hour later, the

5,000 Points For Secrecy... Part I.

parents, he went down to the field level to get his respective kid. He gave his daughter Morgan a hug and said she did great. He noticed the dirty blonde didn't have any parents greeting her. He asked Morgan who the girl was. "Ashley," she replied. "Her mom is always late." He knew what he would do to seem like a concerned person instead of a

Mother-In-Law Sex

arms around my neck, kissing me there, while flexing her pelvic muscles around my cock – god, I have never felt that before so good! Then lifting and lowering as far as possible, and doing it again, and again….I said:”Mae, this is it, right now!” Her answer told me, and we burst together in Bliss.As is normal, we then collapsed, bodies joined in

Lynn finds a Boyfriend, Part II

am so turned on that my hips involuntary hump the air. ‘Yes! Yes!’ Lynn’s body tenses and then relaxes as she enjoys the orgasm I have given her. She lies on top of me for a couple of minutes and then rolls off. ‘Finish getting ready for work. When you get home from work, I will be up here getting dressed for Jim. I expect my privacy. Just hang

Still Some Wishes

the feel of them on my naked feet and how they flattered my legs and ass. Memories of dressing experiences came rolling back. I got incredibly aroused and showed her my erection. She came over and stroked it a bit while I stood in the high-heels. Then she started crying because she had to go downstairs for the contest but really preferred to play

A Hot Humid Night

else passed by. On top of all that he got Ann’s juices flowing whenever she saw him and tonight was no exception. Looking full on into his deep blue eyes made her wish she had worn more than stockings to soak up her arousal. David let his eyes travel over her and watched as Ann’s head titled back slightly and turn to the side to see if anyone

the laundromat

his balls. He closed his eyes and just stroked her, the combined delicious pressure of her cunt and the rumbling from the machine bringing him closer to exquisite happiness.Kimberly swayed on the machine, her dark hair matching her motions as she rubbed her nipples on the chilly, stirring washer lids. She lifted on leg, grinding herself against

Chapter 2 – On the road to Montana

but I’ve never been much at sitting elbow to elbow with a lot of people. I’m not much at being around a lot of people. I need space to think and breathe. People who’ve never sat beside a mountain stream for a couple of hours with a good dog and a good horse, and contemplated life and living, and just feeling the wind breathe across their face and

What She Really Needed

his cock must be, and how incredible it will feel inside you.You hear the zip of my jeans and start to quiver, it seemed big before, but at least it was caged.You know it’s going to look huge now. I even take anything off; I just pull it out of the fly, the thickness resting in my hand. You can feel my cock right against your arse and it’s so

A Night at the Burger Bus

last as long as possible. Aaron tried to make it last but he could hold back no longer. It felt like a fire hose when Aaron released. Lydia felt every drop of his cum hit some part of her inner self. It poured into her. She felt some drip down her leg. How much could he have? As her own orgasm hit, she felt her channel grab onto Aaron. She felt

6] Ajay’s Tale.

the boys did approach him, telling him they “knew” what was going on between him and me and asking him either to have sex with them or for an introduction to me and for inclusion in our games. Some threatened him with exposure if he did not do what they asked or wanted. Some said they would inform his parents as to the actual reason for his

Courtney’s Ebony Goddess

of my employees. ‘That spoiled brat needs to be taught some respect,’ Carmen said one day. If she only knew! After stripping I would then explore the house in the nude until I found Ms. Tomyka. Sometimes this entailed searching outside. If I found Ms. Tomyka in the back yard, I would stand before her at attention and wait for her instructions. If


time having sex. And then the next question came up with Christina. It was a truth. And goddamn, if she didn't answer it."I'd fuck Katie's stepdad. That's the truth."And then it went around again back to me. Mine was a dare. I wanted to cross the line. And I knew it was fucked up, but I went with it. "I dare you to come over here, straddle me,

Mindy's First Snuff

Krystal’s idea to use the plug, telling Mindy with the seared opening of Colin’s ass, as the swelling progressed it would lock the plug securely in him and cause extreme abdominal pain when he was unable to release his bowels. Krystal wanted Colin to experience the most painful death ever for the rape of her sweet Mindy. As tears ran down his

Jessie Fan Fiction Part 2

old nanny.  Jessie enjoyed be fucked roughly, in fact, she always had.  Emma reached over and played with they young Indian's boy's balls.  She took his right testicle into her soft and warm mouth and let her tongue explore it.  Ravi decided to return some of the pleasure he was receiving so he stuck two fingers inside of Emma's pussy, making her

Simpsons. I Spy. Part 6

almost two hours including the time they lay asleeping and he had to get home soon. Bart woke up Sherri and leaving Terri out cold on the couch ass still up in the air. They made their way to the bathroom and climbed into the shower. The warm water revived them including Barts cock as they playfully washed each other down. Sherri didn’t feel like

Not Like Anyone Else

you continue, dear?” “Of course.” She leaned closer and laced our fingers. “I’m bisexual.” That shocked me. I’d never thought that about dear Ann. Maybe it explained why she’d been single for so long. An attractive woman like her wouldn’t normally be alone. “You are?” I choked out. “I am, sweetie.” She squeezed my hand. “And I do prefer

Huey and Me

I felt his wide hands cup each side of my face and draw me closer for another kiss. This time more tender, more … expressive. His lips left mine, travelled up my jawline to my ear and down onto my neck. I couldn’t help it. I arched my back like a whore and let out a moan, biting my own lip. He made his way up toward my ear. “I’m still the only

Fuck A Slut

yourself for me, already panting and shaking slightly with anticipation. Your hole is tight and puckered despite being thoroughly well used and broken in. your muscles twitch as my fingers apply the cold lube to you. I love looking at you like this- my willing slut, always ready and eager for whatever I want to do. My fingers massage you're hole

Halloween Night Encounter

the partially open bedroom door I saw April sitting at her dressing table brushing her long hair. She was wearing a beautiful sheer white full length night gown.I slowly entered the room and approached her.When I was standing directly behind her I gave a low growl and she turned in her seat and gave a slight scream with a look of surprise and

Friday night commute

skin. It normally takes a lot to bring me to orgasm but the sheer eroticism of the situation was more than I could handle. As if he knew what I was thinking, the stranger removed his hand from his balls and moved it to my chest, pinching my nipple. Even through my dress and the thin material of my lacy bra, his touch felt divine. The train began

Best cocksucking day of my life

theater showed straight video and, of course, the other show gay videos. The cost to enter is $8.00 for a twelve hour pass. I can go in and suck a couple cocks, leave for lunch or dinner, and return to suck some more cock. These theaters are quite large with sixteen seats each in four clusters of four seats each. You can go back and forth between

Work night hook up

she sighed gratefully and went into the bedroom to change. Ryan collapsed on to the couch and stared at the ceiling That was the longest day of my life and Im not even tired he yelled to the bedroom. I know me too, Scarlett walked gracefully out of bedroom. She took her hair down and shook it out, brown curls playfully wiped around her face. She

Tom’s Crosley

so glad that we made it.’ ‘When can we expect you?’ ‘I’ll talk to Gracie again, and get back with you.’ ‘Okie doke Tom, Marion and I will make all the arrangements. Talk to you tomorrow?’ ‘Until then, buddy,’ Tom said, placing the phone back in its cradle. *** ‘It’s all set,’ Tom told his wife, seated opposite him over the breakfast table the

What a Difference a Summer Makes- Part 3

deep breath the opened her eyes wide and exclaimed, “Wow! You didn’t look like this!”Giving her a warm smile, I replied, “I was just teasing and thank you. Just been working out a little over the summer break to get more fit, that’s all.”“Well, it DEFINITELY payed off,” she admitted as she unwittingly raised her hand to feel my chest. She

My First night

The evening drew closer after work which had been busy and made me rather stressed. I work as a graphic designer/illustrator in a well known and respected company. I left my studio in London and drove the twenty minute journey that I make, day in day out, to my flat which I share with my loving and devoted fiancée. Marie and I have been together

How Easy It Is.

He was a burly looking guy. He had a bit of a gut. The sleeves of his button down blue shirt were cut off to reveal big tattooed biceps. He had a thick brown beard and mustache. His brown hair was hidden by a John Deer baseball cap. As his fixated on my large bosom, my mind still reeling with pleasurable moment of the recent past, I was

A Very Exclusive Auction

but then the silky fabric slid down deliciously over my thigh-high stockings to my ankles, and I stepped out of them, holding each foot up long enough for her to get the panties over my shoes. I stood there, in just jewelry, shoes, garter belt and stockings, giving the room their first view of my bare, freshly waxed pussy. I thought I heard a few

Essie - Lost Love

I find a taxidermist?" Essie said, "Wait, I'll call Freddie and see if he can. I don't know if he still does, can't hurt." While Essie was calling I unhitched the trailer. "Freddie said to bring him over so he can see what you have. He still mounts larger animals. I'll ride with you to show you the way." Essie jumped into the front passenger seat

Gordon and Angela - Part One

pants. After he came I stayed where I was and asked who was next. The other two had their go and came quite quick as well. I guess it’s not everyday they would get asked to do something as filthy as I had requested. Finally my pussy was filled with come and I stood up and pulled down my dress forgetting to pick up my knickers. They all told me

Fun night at the hotel

look. Alan's tongue was almost hanging out seeing me dressed like that. He had beautiful roses for me (only if he did that for his wife, maybe she would fuck him more...LOL). I kissed him deep as the door locked behind us. His hands wasted no time as he grabbed me under my ass, lifted me on him as we kissed. Alan is 6'4", 200 pound fit guy. And I

First Experience With a Guy

out there, however it always makes me horny thinking about the day I started to realise my sexual desires and what put me on the path to who I am now. This story goes back several years to when I was 16, I had spent the day with friends on a hot sunny day drinking beers round the BBQ pit. I enjoyed my friends’ company but I always felt

Two Bowls

addicted to her art, and a large price increase, or inflation, would not deter the eager diners. The Crespos never had enough money to eat elsewhere than under their own roof and were proud as well as happy to share in their daughter’s culinary delights as much as anybody else. She had discovered cooking at a very young age, her mother and father

Julie Ch. 05

a flurry of activity for Julie. Friday night was dinner with Gary as usual. And, like the week before, Gary was feeling amorous when they got to bed that night. This time Julie didn’t have to fake it, but it wasn’t Gary she was thinking about when she moaned in orgasm. The rest of the weekend was easier than the previous two had been, but not

Angel Slut: Chapter 3

saw it was eight-thirty and decided to get dressed and go to the coffee shop up the street, get a paper and start job hunting. I needed a job and I wanted Jesse to know I didn’t need him. I would snub him. I hated him for hurting me. “I’ll show him,” I said as I got dressed in my tight jeans and tiny tank top. I combed and fluffed out my hair and

A Seasonal Seduction

Sue was beside her.Cindy's reluctance wasn't an act. But once she agreed, all reservations fell away, replaced by a determination to please Sue while savoring every moment of this once-in-a-lifetime experience. For the next few minutes, she would pretend to be Ray. The problem was, she never watched Ray going down on her, just enjoyed the

Catness at the Pool Party

her boobs nipping at her nipples as he climbed on top of her kissing further and further down until he got to her bikini bottoms he licked over them at first and she giggled he kept licking until they were soaking and he knew she could feel every lick as if she had no underwear on the moans gave that away and the confessions of how she'd always

Fuckin Dog – Part 1: The Cousin

entered through the now wide-open door, it was still too dark for human eyes and I remained convinced that Nikki was unaware of my return to consciousness. Nikkis progress was slow and I was given ample time to study her. Though the colors were distorted by the darkness, I could clearly see my relatives long, platinum-blonde hair. I could also

Love can be in plain sight

and heard her out. "Look I'm sorry if this makes you uncomfortable, but seriously, I've never loved someone so much before in my life. We've been closer in 8 months then we've been for most of our lives now. And let me tell you something, I've had the best sex of my life has been with him. I mean it just crushes all my other sexual encounters,

The Mother’s Day Party

was the most pain-filled part of their discipline. They were all interested to know if they would get through the paddling today without cumming, though.Lisa and Jill glanced sideways at each other, nodded, looked back at the so sexy bottoms on their laps that they had kissed so often, raised their hands, and brought their open palms down hard on

Lori Laughlins daughters punish her.

then left her holes gapingand sobbing with the pain of it.She was crying and begging for this to be over. Not quite yet Bella responded almost as they lay her face down over a padded ottoman then they each brought in a dog. Bella led in a large mastiff that immediately mounted her finding the entrance to her vagina and slamming into her body.

One Beautiful Morning

A niggling little voice inside was still questioning what was happening. She was willing and seemed to want what was coming. Still, our ages and existing relationship, with me as both her landlord and her employer, seemed to make my taking her in this way inappropriate. I paused at the door to her room, suddenly realizing that I was about to

A Song of Lust and Desire: Chapter III: The One In Which Daenerys Gets Ready For Her Wedding

his cum leaking barely out of her body.I hope Drogo will be pleased with me, after the years of training I've got from Viserys. Her thoughts drifted back to the fucking she just received. He lasted nearly a minute this time, long for him. I'm sure the filthy horselord can't possibly outlast him. How can Drogo possibly compare to my sweet brother,

Breakneck Speed Part 1

moaning to turn a little more frenzied. He kept it up for a few minutes before he decided he needed to move her if he really wanted to pound into her, and make her scream. He lifted her off his cock, causing her to giggle and ache for his girth to be back inside her, “oh baby don’t stop...please oh don’t....OH!” she exclaimed as he flipped her

The Hunky Californian Daddy Part 6

was just too much to bare and I wanted to feel him fill me with his huge black cock. 'What are you feeling?' he asked softly but I had no idea other than feel like I was ready to burst from the pleasure. 'I don't know,' I said softly as he dipped his head again and nuzzled my ass like a drowning man. When the tip of his tongue started to probe

Fucking my friend’s wife

hung down low and swayed to his rhythm. “Your tits look amazing when you fuck.” Jeff smiled at my comment, and then reached around her waist to see for himself, grabbing a big handful and giving her a nice squeeze. He looked up at me, his hand still holding her tit as he fucked her, and said “Your girlfriend has awesome tits man. It’s the reason

One Lust Filled Night-Part8

of my face and I got to examine it very closely. I touched my finger to her lips and I heard her moan. This was a new game to me and I wanted to play more."Can I join in?" I heard a male voice way from the hall way.I looked up to see a rather striking looking gentleman leaning against the door frame. I tried to squirm out from under Becky, but I

A Family At Odds Chapter 8

the table. I notice my dad was also getting the same feeling. It wasn't long until Gavin and Savannah was dancing close to our table. He was talking was loud enough we could hear." So Savannah you have anything important to do tonight, maybe we could get together and enjoy the night?" He asked her with a smirk" Gavin, I am with Nick, I am not

Faceless-Chapter 3

a tunnel of trees that majestically arched over me, mapping the way to the Garden of Eden; such was the illusion.A flock of birds flew across the sky and all I could feel was envy, because all my life, all I ever desired was freedom. My body was a prison. I wanted to be something more than what I really was. I wanted to fly and abandon the world,

The Lady and the Cowboy Ch. 02

the doors was open. My curiosity got the better of me. I knew Tripp was in there, and I just wanted a quick peek. No one would see me, I reassured myself as I began to walk over. I wondered what had made Tripp seem so uneasy, and I had a feeling it had to do with the reason I had seen him on the trail that day. As I approached the barn, I heard

The maids striptease and pee show

hands up under the long house dress I am wearing, grab my knickers, pull them down to my knees and let them hang there. Then I lift my skirt, stick it under the elastic band at the waist-level of my dress and sit down on the toilet bowl. I have a small pee hole and a big bladder, which produces a thin and long-lasting pee stream. The pee stream


life) a lot more of his personal attention. Which he grew very fond of. No one knew what Pansy was doing on the side, but she also was very discreet about it, so it was a non-issue for the family.While at the combine, he got a lot of advice from the many recruiting coaches there. The general assessment was that he was a great high school

Erika the Sex Slave, Chapter 2 - REPOST

breakfast. She is in a yellow bra and matching panties, hair in a single ponytail. I walk into the kitchen, slap her ass and ask for breakfast."I'll bring it out Master," Erika says cheerfully.I walk into the living room and was about to sit when the doorbell rang. It was only 7am on a Thursday morning, I wasn't expecting anyone.I opened the door

All tied up

anal), Claire brought up the idea of getting some handcuffs. I asked her why and she just smiled innocently, batting her eyes and denying any knowledge of her intent. So we went out and to the local adult store and Claire picked out some black fuzzy metal handcuffs- heavy, but cushioned and with a safety release of course. So for a few weeks,

Apartment Eight Makes A Golden Ch

pink flesh. Still he managed to find a path through them to strut and swivel. It was getting easier as the seconds passed, as he got a better understanding of the women surrounding him. He was used to dealing with clients everyday for work. He knew that, sometimes, he had to concede to their needs. And sometimes it was Vasily who decided what was

Hot Blonde

kissing her. She said she could taste her pussy and it tasted great. We only kissed for a few minutes before she worked her way down to my hard dick. She started sucking and stroking me, I was just about ready to cum when she stopped and climbed up on me, grabbed my dick and slid it into her wet pussy. She started off fucking me nice and slow; I

Educating Bobby and Debbie part 2

thing you did, and every thing she showed she was feeling and I think I could do that to a girl and like it. Well, Debbie, now its your turn to experience this, while Diane watches and learns. I said Debbie and Diane traded places, and I moved between her soft smooth legs and began caressing her breasts, occasionally pinching her nipples gently.

Tiny House 1

“Neither needs to lay in a wet spot now” he said and chuckled.“I would not have minded. It’s our cum. It is still leaking out of me. Love that feeling. Not sure if I can go another round right now. Maybe after a little rest, if you are ok with that.” she asked“A rest would be good for both of us. But I do want you again, and definitely in the

A Nooner For Five

light dimmed and developed fuzzy green edges, then returned to normal. Part of me was relieved.Part of me wanted more, but #3 was back on his haunches and his hardness back in his squeezing fist.The silent plea from my abandoned clit was not to go unanswered for long. #2 and #3 each produced a small polished object from pushed down pants pockets.

Corrupting my bitch ex girlfriend - Part 2

at me with confusion. I quickly spread her legs apart and got a great view of her hot, red, pussy waiting eagerly for me. I hopped in between her legs and shoved myself back inside of her. She grunted as I filled her this time. I slammed into her for a while before lifting her legs up onto my shoulders whilst still inside her. This had the effect

A Special Place

want to believe that,’ she replied. ‘I’m just so scared.’ ‘Just relax, and do what is comfortable. Whenever you say stop, we stop.’ She just continued looking at him with those childlike eyes. He could not bear it any longer. He reached out with his left hand and stroked the side of her face. He trailed his fingers down her neck and up the other

Felicity Ch. 25

of a marriage. Sleep in the same bed, kiss often. We will blend with the crowd better that way.’ ‘I agree,’ I said as I led her to her bed, our bed. I was naked when we kissed. Her hand closed around my erection and she straddled me and sunk her pussy over it. She fucked me hard until she had a loud orgasm then rained kisses on me. I turned us

Tina the Slut Willingly Services My Friends

After George came in her Jerry went to fuck her she keeps us all hard somehow. After two hours on the floor one of the guys said let’s move her to the kitchen table and feed her proper. We placed her on her back with her legs in the air and we all took a turn at each of her holes again fucking her and she just laid there enjoying it. (Telling us


cocksucker. I just love the idea of lowering myself to my knees and having a Steve spread his legs and spew his cum in my mouth. Just the consumption of his cum turned me on.But he later Steve moved to another city and I haven’t seen him since, but he does e-mail me and say hello quite often. Because I’m too shy to be the aggressor Steve was the

The Second Coffee - Take Me Like Your Coffee 3

Yann have seen her there many times, twenty, thirty, maybe more. He couldn't count exactly, since all her visits merged into one blurry memory. She always took the same table, hidden in a wee room round the corner, basically invisible from the rest of the cafe. He liked that she was a regular. It provided some familiarity and attachment in

Aftermath and a new beginning

for more than 100 years and would remain there for another century at least. Not like him, “ a mortal creature doomed to die” as the phrase went. He started; why the melancholy now ? For him it might be a personal autumn, but it was going to be as prolonged, colourful and enjoyable as he could make it. It wasn’t the first time it had happened; a

Tool Shed

thrusts, jamming herself again and again on my hard cock. Suddenly I pull out, holding her in place. " So I've fucked you again. I said I would? I fucked your cunt again. Now I want that virgin asshole." " Pleeeeeassssee!" she sobbed. " Reach back and pull your ass cheeks apart." " Please, John! Please John!" " Do it," I snarled. Sasha is shaking


my face. Was I disgusted? Could you have failed to lure me into your snare? Had you just set yourself up for a naked humiliation? In one motion, you slap your thighs together and look under the table. You catch my eyes snatching away from between your legs and my hand gripping my own hard-on, at work on myself under the table. Clearly I was off

Through Our Eyes #1

One ‘Sí, lo quiero’, that said, the flat was mine. The furnished flat was perfect, just off Plaza Traginers in Barcelona’s Gothic quarter, a few minutes walking distance from the excitement of La Rambla, yet the area was still quiet. The Gothic Cathedral was quite nearby and I could relish an intriguing view of the Roman walls from the delightful

Controlled By My Cleaner 2

aroused." With that, she put her hand up my maid's skirt and her finger ran down my slit. I moaned. Two fingers penetrated me – she pushed them in and out, slowly at first, then faster; then she stopped, just as I was getting aroused..."You will draw  a bath for me, Cathy, and then finish the housework." I did as instructed.As she departed for

Blackmailed by Girls

grown over the last year and she had an amazing figure.“Oh my god...... sorry” she said, not taking her eyes off me. “I thought you were done”By now I had just about managed to hide my erection by holding the towel in front of me but in my haste to hide it I had turned around so now she had a full view of my butt. Her eyes wandered across my body

Beth’s Awakening Ch. 06

it out for her inspection and her eyes brightened. ‘I can work with that,’ she said. ‘Okay, stud. You’re about to get a farewell fuck–a nice, hot piece of Claire–a little something to remember me by.’ Pushing down her shorts, she turned and looked at me over her shoulder, letting me admire her delicious ass with its dolphin tattoo as she stepped

Complicated Ch. 02

‘What was that? What happened?’ Kylie asked sounding rather suspicious. It was a good thing that there was no one on the street at that time of the night. The few people about were the guests of the club who had stepped out for a smoke and who couldn’t see us since we had our backs to them. ‘We must’ve hit a speed breaker or something.’ Max was

step mother fucker

He continued to torture me with his words. "Tell me mommy do like when I rape you does it make you tight and wet mommy?" I felt new tears fall down the sides of my face. Tears of joy I finally got him to say it. If this is what it takes to hear him then I'll suffer his touch and rape. "Yes...son mommy likes being raped." I was broken with those

Total Woman Excursions 03

completed Wynn’s disrobement. Looking straight ahead, she regarded the object of her desire. Marcy pecked a quick kiss on the tumescent tip before standing. Taking his hand, she stepped into the Jacuzzi, followed by Wynn. Wynn seated himself and Marcy sat on his lap sidesaddle, putting her arms around his neck. Marcy squirmed in Wynn’s lap.

Looking after sister. Pt 3

Ellie was certainly a minx. At just twelve years old she certainly knew a thing or two about sex. After our great session a few days ago she implied that she would get dirtier than the piss fun we had. My mind boggled. It was a very warm summer day when I got home from school. My shirt was sopping wet with sweat and all I wanted to do was jump in

What's Her Price

black heels in a black mini skirt floored me.We met at the bar, where my shyness was instantly taking over and there is no doubt in my mind she quickly knew she had the upper hand. She laughed at my jokes, put her hand on my thigh a couple of times, gave me coy smiles. By the time we sat down for dinner I had a raging hard on under the table.

My tales as a submissive to a master part 2

come find me.”Before he uncuffed me however, he stuck three of his fingers into my pussy easily and finger fucked me for a minute. I was getting close to coming and Derek knew it. Just as a I was about to, he pulled his fingers out and slapped me on the ass, hard. He uncuffed me from the back but instead cuffed my hands in front of me and pushed

Diavolo Ch 06

Her fingers gripped his t-shirt, clinging. “Nooo. I’ve decided I'm going to stay.” She kissed her way up his throat to his jaw and then his lips. “I want to sleep with you.” Gabriel froze. Good-god! “Abby, you don’t know what you’re saying. You’ve had too much to drink.” “I can take her home,” Diamond volunteered, her grin stretching from

Sarah - Part Eleven

all the wonderful noises and sounds she makes when she cums, but did not watch her cum, as I like to do. I was busy continuing to work on her clit and ass. I did not stop sucking her clit and fingering her ass until she told me to. “Enough. Enough. Stop.” she cried. I slid cum covered fingers out of Sarah’s ass and let her clit slip out of my

Pennys fall

want it so much. Please lets work together, Ill be your little sex slave and you can do whatever you want to me whenever you want. Dr Claw smiled and felt her face. That does sound tempting my darling. Pennys eyes widened with passion and lust but then the wires snappeed back into place holding her upright. But I told you Im not looking for a

Campground Part 1

Grampians. Thats a mountain range not too far from Melbourne. I wasnt really into camping, so when Jason finally agreed to let me come along, I regretted it almost instantly. If he really was planning something other than camping, he would never have agreed to let me come. I knew I had made a mistake, but I couldnt change my mind now. Not after

If I was there

pussy and licking your clit, your mouth taking me as far as you can, deep throating all of me to the base while sliding your tongue along the underside of my cum fill jewels and softly rubbing my thighs. As I feel myself getting close I try to pull my dick from your mouth. I want to feel myself inside you before I cum. You are like a child with a

Anal fisting story

to lick every inch of it off him. I couldnt let him know such things, but my little muffin was soaking wet. I rubbed on my suntan oil and laid back. The sun on my body was wonderful. I felt so charged with life, energy and now the desire to feel my brothers penis. His cock I told myself. I ran through my mind over and over.What did his cock look

Erica and Liam Chapter Three

and looked around for the machine so he could pay is parking fee. Spinning, he finally found it, about 5 cars down the road. Flashing his smile in Erica’s direction, he said, “be right back”. Erica gazed at him as he was walking, enjoying the view. He was wearing a light pink collared shirt with elbow length sleeves, with a red check pattern. The

New Beginnings Part Two: Human Nature

game, guessing the cup sizes of the women that walked out of the exit. There wasn’t much to do for security around here now that the military had set up small substations all over town. Crime had dropped to an all-time low. Everyone liked their presence except for a few individuals. “So, you are coming tonight, right?” Bill looked over at

A Year to Remember, Chapter 2

Simon says nothing. He picks up my hand in his free hand. I lift my chin to look at him, kind of surprised at what he has done. Holding hands!? With another lad? What the...? But all he does is look at me. I look down at my hand in his. He squeezes it. His hands are white and soft, completely hairless, with perfect, unchewed nails. I look back up

How Scarlet had her cherry popped Part 1

was slammed up against the locker in his full embrace and as i opened my mouth to semi detest, semi moan his name he kissed me. He kissed all of me, sliping his soft lips in mine. I tasted the recesses of his mouth, suckled his tongue and let myself burn with the raw desire that blazed out of me. I could hear his soft moans as he gently moved his

Wife & Slave

until I had no idea where one started as the last one ended. Rocking my hips in time with their pace my ass and my pussy gripping and releasing their cocks as they plunged in and out of me. My screams increased as I continued cuming as my body shock and convulsed. As they tore my ass and pussy apart I could barely hear John saying over my

Revenge, Pt 10: The Return

would only arouse her further. This was proven to be true when I held her legs in place against her efforts, and she let out a small whimper and bit down on her lower lip."You know, it's quite a pretty pussy." I said slowly, softly, "Pink little lips... so cute... and so sensitive."She gasped lightly, but didn't try to pull away."And wet too," I

First Time Meet N Fuck

unzipped his pants and pulled them off. He sat down on the floor, and tapped my ass. I turned around, and slide my panties off. I threw them, but they landed right next to Jamess head. James grabbed them and covered his face with them. He sniffed them deeply. Mmm, holy fuck. You are wetter than a ocean He said, pulling the panties away from his

A most embarrassing night

of my sons were still living at home. They were both adults at the time. I started dating this new guy. We had gone out a couple of times, but had only kissed a bit so far. I was ready for more and was going to make sure he knew it that night. He picked me up at home and we went to dinner, Woodfire Grill at the Everett Marina. I wore a knee

Cyber to Real

"I want your cock, Nick," she gasped, looking into his eyes. "I need your cock in my pussy, please fuck me," she pleaded. That was all he needed. With one quick thrust of his hips, his thick, swollen cock was embedded in her hot pussy. They both moaned, they had both imagined this moment so many times. He pulled out slightly, the tip of his

Ashlees young life

me again. I opened my legs again and he jumped up on me and began to fuck me again. When I lifted up and his cock rapidly slid in and out of me just like before. I looked between my legs and was almost mesmerized as I watched his cock slide in and out of me. I think because he couldnt get his knot inside me it allowed him to fuck more often. He

Saving Gina Ch. 09

got behind her, lined my dick with her red sore looking slit and slid in so slowly that we both groaned before my stomach settled against her ass. I knew it would be very hard for me to cum this time. Gina was going to be in for a wild ride. I settled into a nice pace slapping into her. I reached down and held her toes so I would know when they

A Witchs Orgy 2

she could plead for the return of his intoxicating touch, the silky soft head of his shaft pressed firmly against the bud of her ass. Where she was tender and vulnerable, he was hard and uncompromising. The heavy weight of his balls slapped softly against her thighs as he positioned himself for the conquering. He took a lock of her hair and

3 Sisters: An Incestual Lesbian Orgy

asked crudely. I only get off from oral sex, and only once each session, I admitted. You poor girl, Caroline said, that needs to change. Do you have a magic wand? I joked. Actually, I do, Caroline laughed. After a pause where she seemed to be thinking about something, conniving perhaps, she changed topics completely, as she suggested, Lets play

A 45 Year Old Nurse Volunteers for a Special Sex study

married to the same man for the past eighteen years. She was the sweetest person you ever wanted to meet as she would always volunteer for a number of good causes. She loved being a nurse and appreciated all the times that she had helped someone out. She also had another passion inside her and that was volunteering for health related studies at

The Summer Boy

‘Stop hanging around reception like some bored monkey already. You’re on morning pool duty in five minutes!’ Adam slipped off the desk and snapped to attention on his feet. Flashing perfect rows of smiling white teeth he said, ‘Mais oui, mon capitan!’ Cassie giggled and he finally pulled himself away. The lanky, sharp-faced young man with the

Eva and I

pan, dropped her lace panty, and let out a stream of golden yellow piss. She then bunched up a ball of toilet paper and wiped her puss lips dry, then walked over to me and gave me a peck on the cheek. "Daddy I need to shave today and my razor blades aren't sharp enough. Do you think I could borrow your razor. I shaved my legs 2 days ago so I

An Incest Birthday Chapter 32

rest of my clothes. I pulled off my last sock and she climbed right on top of me. Her pussy was absolutely soaking wet and looked like it was pulsing, begging to have my cock shoved in it over and over again. She hovered her face directly over mine and grabbed my cock in her hand and put in at her pussy, and then she let the head go in a little

Solomon's Daughters: Linda's Chapter

up from the head of the table. Risa moved to the woman's side so fast the elves didn't have time to react. She grabbed the woman's shoulder and roughly forced her to sit back down. The other elves around the table began to rise to their feet. "Sit," Risa said in a soft deadly voice and pulled free her sword and pressed it tightly against the

The Venetian Series 01: When the Masks Come Off in Venice

care and expertise on creating a false identity that would stand up to scrutiny. Now it was time to put it to the test. Helmut crossed over a small tributary canal on an arched footbridge, then entered the lobby of the Metropole Hotel. He passed through the glass doors into the palatial interior, admiring the geometric tiled floor. He cast his

I Dare You (part 4)

felt wicked, so I wasn’t going to tell her. “Which one should I get?” My friend thought for a second, then replied, “The blowjob video.” Her attention returned to the movie and her own body. I sat stunned by the turn of events. Here was my friend of several years, a middle-aged, rather sexually inexperienced woman, sitting topless in an adult

Evacuee 12 - David and caroline are discovered

and her panties, down to the floor. She stepped out of them and then clambered on top of David once again. He looked at her uncertainly and then she shuffled up his body until her knees were either side of his face, resting on the pillow.“I know you’re good at this!” Rose then gripped the headboard and leaning forward lowered her pussy on to

The Meeting Place

more erotic the images came. My fingers instinctively traced her soft petals, to her hooded nub, and back down. I discovered her waiting folds and slipped my finger tentatively inside. Her legs spread in response. She was already slick and her inner walls clung to my fingers expectantly. I pushed in further, exploring, testing her. I looked over

The Four of Us

of it and pushed his tongue into my cunt. As his tongue fucked my hole i came several times. Then he rolled me to my stomach and aimed his cock at my ass. He srpead my ass cheeks and pushed inside. It felt great going in. It took a bit to get him in but when he did I knew he would fuck my ass hard. And that is what he did. He pounded my ass with

A Red Leaf & Ten Orchids Ch. 04

back tears, and beginning to lose the fight.. Josh groaned. ‘Listen. I’m really sorry I got so angry. Maybe you made a bit of a judgmental error, I dunno. But I can see how it might have played out in your mind. Don’t drag yourself around the block over it. Yesterday I said the cruelest, harshest things I’ve ever said to anyone before and I’m

One Great Ride

pleasure ran through my body. He smiled and licked my clit up and down making me moan louder and louder. My body shook like crazy. I was on the verge of orgasm my toes curled under and I lost control. I moaned and screamed. A huge orgasm flowed through me. I tried to calm my breathing after I was done. I sat up and pushed my body hard against

Better Mind

in. If the drug really worked, she would wear it not only willingly, but happily, for him. He got home and crawled back into bed next to her, dozing off for a few minutes before she finally awoke. It was time to play! He had thought about the way to direct Kami. He couldn’t talk to her like the dogs in Hamels’ tests. He decided to be subtle and

Avery makes a mistake.

so gently with their boots. Eventually, one of them grabbed her and began to tear at the only item of clothing she had on, her panties. While all the other men started to strip down, this one threw her onto the bed with as much force as he could muster. "Take those ugly fucking underwear off" he commanded. Avery complied, shaking in fear. Maybe

A Hole In The Head - Chapter One

thing Kas had never quite got used to was the way her own nervous system was taken over by the computer, including her optic nerves. The utter confusion and disorientation she’d felt the first time she ran a sim had resulted in her body overriding the rigid control the AI was exerting on her nervous system and ended with her vomiting inside the

Kitty And Mr Connors - Part 4

his face, her breasts hanging only centimetres from his face and told him, ‘Lick my nipples… gently.’ She dropped her torso lower, her legs spreading to accommodate the change in posture, and then she felt his hot tongue begin lapping against her nipples. First one, then the other. Instantly a shock of sensation burst across her skin and

The Pianist Ch. 05-06

He played with a grace and skill of a seasoned veteran. As she watched him, she wished she were the keys he so elegantly played. She suddenly wanted his fingers splayed all over her body. And, then he looked towards her and began to sing: Allie was just mesmerized. His voice was smooth and soothing. She had closed her eyes and just gotten lost in

Bound and Teased

Enjoy!! You and I are sharing a joke on the couch after having a nice meal. I take a sip of the wine and you pick up your glass and hold it up for a toast, “To good friends and good times!” We clink our glasses, drink the contents down, place them down with vigor as if we are drinking something stronger, and fling our heads back in laughter once

My night with Jacob

know eachother it finally worked. I couldnt believe my luck the night I ended up going home with him. I’d had a bit to drink but I knew perfectly well what I was doing.We got back to his place and immediately started kissing. He passionately threw me down on the couch and layed his body on top of mine. Oh how I loved the feeling of his warm body

The Chauffeur (#25) The Weekend (part 2)

three trays of finger sized desserts. One was dolce de leche cupcakes, one was cinnamon swirl raisin muffins, and the third was fruit cocktail cherry Jell-O with a can of Redi-whip to add as a topping.My mind had a food-orgasm. After I took a bit of each of the cake slices, I put one each of the cupcakes and muffins. Sammy sprayed on lots of

Unexpected Birthday Gift

believe that she was on her knees in front of me. Julie took more of the dick into her mouth. I watched in amazement as more and more of my cock went into her mouth. I knew I wasn't going to last long considering I hadn't had any action in a few months. God her mouth felt wonderful. She would slightly gag when my dick hit the back of her throat.

Time to do it Over

were going to be way different. Martin was well on his way to loving only dick. Jessie would surely follow as he had obviously fallen in love with Martin's ass. Love, now there was an idea. Maybe, with a little coercion, love would blossom between Alex and Martin. Have them fall in love and then shove them both out of the closet.Then there

Neighborly Lust

morning run. After my run I returned to my new home only to realize that I had locked myself out of the house.My keys and my cell phone were inside the house and in my hurry to go running I had jammed the door shut locking myself out. “Shit!” I cursed, angry at myself for being so careless. With no way of calling for help and being new in the

Moms best friend

Her friend needed help bring home some fresh produce from her familys farming operation out in the country near our home. "Well who is it, anyone I know?" I asked. "You remeber Beverly, dont you?" she said. My cock immediately turned to stone! beverly had somehow gotten my mother to send me out in the country with her. ALONE! Over the past 6


beckon me to kiss him. Hes my best friend. I cant do that. Best friends dont kiss each other. I realized I was staring at him like some freak. He looked at me expectantly, but he seemed nervous. He stroked my hair once more and moved his hand toward my face to wipe a tear off of my cheek. I quickly looked away. He lifted my chin to get me to

Diaries of Ceres and Taliya -Part two: Taliya-P3

with my black thong accentuating my tanned ass cheeks, a green loose fitting Chambray shirt on to finish up my chores.  Ceres was still hard at work, it was close to lunch time so I went to prepare it.  Mistress Julia stopped me.“You girls go help Master John.   I’ll finish up here.  If I need help cooking I’ll call for you, Liya.”  Looking at


went to the living room. The easy chair was pulled up close to the couch where his folks sat. Obviously that is where they meant for him to sit. His mom was in a light cotton robe and his dad only had his boxer shorts on, it was typical evening attire in their casual household. Billy went and sat in front of them, slightly nervous, even

Connors World, A Gift from Miss Stevens, part one

perfect for our pleasure. But of course, I should not be surprised. I have come to expect only the very best from you.” Miss Stevens blushed deeply and lowered her eyes. “Thank you Sir.” She stood beside a chair in which a heavy titted girl with long blonde hair and deep blue eyes had been placed naked with her hands tightly tied behind her

Psyche – The Professor

I can’t even imagine a person being more… well, boring. But still, if I was going to get the internship I desperately needed, I had to get an ‘A’ in his class. It wasn’t my fault really…Ok, sure I could have studied more, but a girl has other things she needs to do, and reading paper after paper of boring psychological studies… well, it’s enough

Reach Out For The Sunrise Ch. 03

Chavez shrugged unhappily and heaved himself up with a shake of his head. ‘You made your bed,’ he sighed and wandered back towards the door wondering idly if Dom and that little blond he’d brought home wanted to play. He stopped in the doorway and looked back though. Xavier looked so sad huddled up there all alone. ‘You sure you don’t want me to


suddenly dawns on her that something was amiss. And like may career woman, she knows it’s a man and possibly kids. Yes the now familiar empty feel always grips her heart the moment she walks into her empty home at night. “Alone again”, she mumbles to herself when she enters her home, tired and worn from a hectic day at work, but instead of

Emily Awakes, Ch. 6

the table. “Is that it, Richard? Are you afraid you’re going to fall in love with Emily and leave me for her?” Rich looked like he’d been struck with a lash. He raised his head and looked at his wife. “No, Jan. I don’t think that.” “What about you, Emily? Are you trying to steal my husband?” “No,” Emily protested, “honestly. No!” Janice fumed for

My Sister My Lover - Pt 3

knickers more or less as soon as she returned from school, I left her lying on the lounge while I pottered around tidying up.After fifteen minutes or so, she opened her eyes and moaned softly, "God, Tony, that was unreal, every time you make me come, it just seems to get better and better.""That's because we're getting used to each other," I

Homelands Pt 1 Ch 04

effect was stunning. Some would say the faint signs of maturity, by way of crow's feet and laugh lines, marred her beauty. But I found that they only accentuated it. Cindy licked those pink lips, her blue eyes still fixated on my cock. "I absolutely have to have that thing inside me." She turned to her brother. "You don't mind, do you, baby? All

The Reunion of Surrender; Exerpt One

finally succumbing to the need to close her eyes and letting out a stifled scream behind her locked lips as the orgasm rocked her. When she finally opened her eyes again, she looked back out and noticed that Ben was looking towards the coach's office, looking, looking. Almost as if he could see right into her eyes. She gasped again and quickly

Becoming a Lesbian Slave

I agreed, my head in a fog as I walked out of the office, leaving it in the seemingly capable hands of a young woman I had met just over an hour ago. "You ok, Cassandra," Sophia asked, seeing my dazed look. "Fine, fine," I said, before adding, "Ms. Amber will be in charge for the next week." "Where are you going?" Sophia asked shocked by my

My friends son welcomed me

leave his house to come back to my city. Frank and I were good friends, too, and there was a big reason behind it. I was a painter and Frank also wanted to have painting as his career. Eight months ago, I went to meet my friend, Marry, and I ended up fucking with her seventeen-year-old son. Like any other young man, Frank was very nervous when

Red Ribbons in Her Hair Ch. 06

her slightly, feeling his dick push between wet lips into a heat that was almost unbearably sensual. ‘Yes,’ she moaned. ‘Please, fuck me.’ His mouth was on her throat, his teeth nipping hard at the soft skin there, using his tongue to lave at the spot and then sucking upon it as she moaned and whimpered, wriggling against him. He pushed into her,

general store

jeans and T-shirt. I didn’t know why, but he seemed to look really sexy that day. Maybe it was because I was alone with him. I didn’t think much more about until he started to linger around the store for a while. I started to wonder why he didn’t just go to the candy counter and then check out. He just walked around giving me awkward glances. He

A Lush Lesbian Afternoon

one girl or woman. I only saw her briefly, but she looked nice. A bit older than me but really hot. I nosied a while, waiting to see if there was a bloke in tow. But no, it looked like it was just her. Then I saw her again. Nice. Very nice in fact. She had shoulder-length brown hair and a tight body. It was summer and she looked beautiful in her

Henry’s Exposed Adventure Ch. 05

stays. She obliged him, though she did so grudgingly. The restraints that the bridegroom thus placed on his betrothed did not augur well for the marriage, and she swore to herself that she would free women from the Curse of the Corset. When they returned to America, Phlebotomus and the new Mrs. Grimsley took up residence at Grimsley Hall, just

Sex is Better Than Sports Center

a little. Her fingers working her folds into a frenzy. I decide to push her to do something that she has never done. "Slowly, you take your fingers out of your pussy and bring them to your mouth. You start to suck and lick them. Your hips are writhing in excitement as you taste yourself for the first time, as you finally savor the sensation I

Erotic Yoga Time

the plug further up my wanting ass. My knees wobbled as my pussy watched from below. It was indeed beginning to grow envious.Tuned in, you reached down with your nimble fingers and tugged on my lips, giving me some relief. But my body was demanding a deeper penetration. Impulsively I began rocking back and forth on your plug as you held it.

Bible Belt - Part 2

what will you want to do with it?”“I’ll want to worship it with my hands, worship it with my mouth.”“The first cock you see, what will you think of it?”My sisters hands stopped carressing her body. One snaked down to between her legs, to where I couldn’t see. The other extended two fingers, and she started sucking on them, she started using her

Summer of Surrender Part 2

Lottie, absolutely stunning. She felt the familiar stiffening of her nipples beneath her white blouse, and moistening between her thighs as she recovered her bag, and made her way over to say hello. There was no sign of Emma yet, but there was nothing unusual in that. Oh God! Lottie cursed. Now even the sight of my best friend’s mum is making me

The Curious wife-ch. 1 - play roll her fantasy

dick clean of your juice Confused she was as someone was hit on his headMe:are you listening you are here for my pleasur not yoursStill confused thinking about what happening excited at the same time she rarely sucked my dick and never swallowed.Me : I paid you full service I need my dick to be clean and don't want you to cum before i do At the

Escort Tales Ch. 07

her clit, she lost it. Her hips buckled and she let out a moan as she came all over his tongue. Panting heavily she gyrated a little, rubbing her pussy all over his face. Kobi moved up his body until his cock was directly beneath her pussy. She turned around to face him as she fell down onto his rock hard cock. They both let out a gasp as his

The Dungeon

and knew that she too was on the point of climax.  I nibbled and sucked more urgently, tasting the unique flavour that was Megan. My nipples screamed there message through to my brain, and I had to just let the pleasure ride through my body, wave after wave of pure pleasure.  As I thought I could take no more, I felt my ass being probed by yet

Mexican Adventure

my hotel in San Luis Potosi, a car drew up, the window went down and a husky voice from inside tentatively queried “Senor David?”. “Oh, yes, …, soy Senor Davies”. And so I was driven across town to my host’s house by this very attractive lady, about mid 30’s I would estimate, and from what I could see without staring unduly, a curvaceous

L&C school of Writing 2

and selected a plastic ruler, and as she moved towards me she swished it through the air..which had the desired effect of putting fear into me..she stood in front of me and placed the ruler between my knees hitting each knee to indicate that i should spread my legs which i did my feet were about 4' apart which had my pussy and ass totally


in rose petals which you follow to the back of the couch. As you look out into the city, without warning I grab you from behind. There is a small cry and I place my hand over your mouth to muffle it. I then whisper, ‘Do you trust me?’ You nod. ‘Now for this to work you need to submit to me.’ As I feel your body relax, I release you and tie a

( 1 )our caravan holiday gets of to a great start

on, she went to move forward, I gripped her waist and pushed, half my cock now inside her virgin ass, as she squealed, I handed Gretchen my poppers and told her to take a good sniff, she did, as my cock eased in further.I stopped for a second, then eased out, returning just as deep, then repeated that a few times, her sphincter now taking my cock

The Colors Of Punishment Ch. 04

woman?’ ‘No mother, just making sure the guests are having their needs met.’ ‘Paul, I am not an idiot. It is obvious to me that you are attracted to her and it is obvious to everyone here. You are not very good at hiding it.’ With that statement, she looked down towards Master Paul’s groin area and returned her eyes to his, glaring at him. ‘And

Cock-sucking Teens

okay Emma, you’re fine.” Emma had put on a red and blue dress and it was very short when she was sitting down and Gav pretended to look at her work as he quietly admired her legs in her pantyhose. Gav had a thing about tights or pantyhose and felt his heart beat a bit faster, especially when he got a whiff of her subtle perfume. Suddenly Emma’s

Mom taking care of me 2

ass i've ever seen in my life!" Still not saying anything to me she turned and faced me giving me the most sexy looks a guy can get from a woman. As she's bitting her lip and staring at me she straddles me again this time with just her panties and a tanktop on. Now shes grinding on me a little bit harder and now im as hard as i could ever

Zoe Parker Ch. 04

her warmly. Her father grabbed the large bottle of milk, his hand wrapping around the neck and he brought it to his lips. With a bend of the wrist he swallowed three large gulps. The bottle was then returned to the counter as he let out a soft belch. Zoe giggled a tiny bit as she looked up at her dad and saw a long white milk mustache above his

Holidaying with a school friend: Part 1

break. For the last few days I have been talking about nothing else. Friends in my form must have been getting fed up with me, I am sure Cora was and told me as much.“Anna you might think the holiday sounds great, but you could have as much fun on an English beach.”Jealous or what?The bombshell was dropped during one of our rare family suppers,

Construction Worker

head in a ponytail that day. As the long legged beauty with hips which didn’t quit and an ass for each and everyone to look at, Terra pulled in and got out of her 14 year old pickup truck. They saw her almost immediately and either slowed down what they were doing or just stopped everything altogether so they could watch her “saunter” back behind

A Cumslut is Born

their once-every-few-months flings with porno. A few years back, he started to take an interest in shemales. There were some beautiful ones out there, and Tumblr was a veritable endless journey through them. He began to build a real desire for his very own tranny experience. And the culmination of all of those years was going to burst open today.

Cuckold Couple ISO Uncut Man, Part 2

her piercing, every time. “Oh. My. God.” She said, in three separate and distinct pauses. “Your dick feels like a shaft inside of tube. It feels like…UGH! God, I have never felt anything like this. Ever.” She said as she looked at her husband and her body became loose and relaxed with satisfaction. Danny hadn’t spoken the entire time, until now,

Crissy,George,Debbie - Chapter Three

ready to explode, Ron slowed his thrusts, and moved his hand from her clit, using it to rub her belly instead."Damn it, don't stop!" Crissy's voice trembled with frustration."Oh, don't worry; I'm not going to stop." Ron's cock was still moving inside her, but slowly now, less forcefully. "I just don't want this to be over too soon."Crissy's body

Ex Daughter Grown Up, Part 2,Taking Care

the quilt to get fully under it, snuggling over to my side and cuddling my body, arm across my chest and head snuggled under my chin. My right arm was stuck between us, and I could feel the material was bunched up around her waist, leaving her naked against my hand. Lesser of two evils, I thought, as I dragged my arm up, slid it under her head

Stuck Between A Sub And A Dom Place: Part 2

closely that the view of her blurred. “Now listen up, Sammy-boy. This is the deal.” She finished the sentence with a tight grasp on my cock which responded to her touch by swelling to a new level of hardness. “You do something nice for me, I’ll do something nice for this,” she said and squeezed, hard.“Ohhh,” I let out in a mixture of pleasure and

The Monster #3

with hard 42 DD’SKathy – she’s a WF, 5’ 11”, about 140 lbs with full, hard 40 D’SDonna – she’s a WF, 5’, about 100 lbs with 32 B’s and big nipplesOn Monday morning I was taking a shower and the phone rang. I grabbed a towel and answered it. “Hi, this is Shellie. Is Bonnie there?” “No she’s not. She went into the city to meet her girl friend for

As You Desire

pressure of her cunt, his balls begging for release. He realizes, "She's trying to make me cum already."His pride will not allow him to release himself just yet. Instead, he attempts to flip her onto her back. He is surprised, though, at her strength and determination. Pulling on the chain, Constantine drags her face close to his, distracting

Bound to the Cross II

I felt hands around my ankles as they were pulled wide apart.   Cuffs were put on each ankle and something was attached that kept me from closing my legs.   With them spread wide, I was just barely able to touch the floor.     I heard Master John announce that I was Jen, a new member.   I tried to visualize how I looked.   I was almost naked,

The Cove

Rina moved away from Paola she sat up and I saw her face was gleaming with pussy juice in the sun. “Oh my, that it a beautiful cock,” she said and licked her lips. I had to ask them. “I thought you were lesbians?” Rina giggled. “We are bisexual; it’s just that we take the opportunity here to be together, back home we live quite far from each

In the Name of Art - Part IV

she wanted it and he wanted to see it happen. “I’m gonna.. I’m gonna… I’m…" With a violent spasm, a thick rope of cum erupted from him. With enough time to register it splashed into her mouth and painted her chin; another left him. Another shot, long, wide hit her hairline and her cheek. With a howl of intense pleasure, she took the head of his

Summer Vacation Ch. 19

of you?’ Ron blustered. ‘I get out of this, I’m gonna get me a gun. I’ll fix your ass, you fucker! I’m gonna…’ He stopped talking when Tommy’s hand clamped his throat, cutting off most of his wind. The man’s face reddened and his body strained as he tried to get breath. Tommy’s fingers tightened around his larynx and he winced and turned very

Evan’s Life

bed. **************** Evan’s dream was fitful. He was in a bed, feeling Brittney’s wonderful tits, giving her a sensual massage. He could feel her hands on him, rubbing his shoulders, his back… Even flew awake and turned over. Brittney had crawled into bed with him, and was rubbing his shoulders and back. ‘Brittney! What are you doing?’ He asked

Annes First Massage Chapter 2

a little more to ease the tension…… She heard the door open. Crap she thought, my pussy is right in line with the door. I hope the towel is hiding everything. Of course she probably isn’t looking anyway, it wouldn’t be very professional would it. “Hello Anne,” said a masculine voice. “I am Paulo and I am your masseuse for the day.” Anne panicked,

Mommys Help ch.4

stare at. Mom massaged my balls with one hand; while holding the base of my soft dick with the other hand. She peeled my foreskin back, and without hesitation licked circles around my head. As she did this and my cock swelled; I noticed for the first time that mommy had her hair up in a pony tail. "mmmm... mmm...mmmm," I heard these noises coming

Young Teen Gay Experience

his throat. He then licked my cock clean and gave it a quick tug. As I was so young my cock was still rock hard, I heard a slight laugh from the man then suddenly he started stroking me again, I twitched at the pleasure and feeling it was giving me. It took me less than 2 minutes to shot for the second time, I was shaking at this point and

Internal Affairs Ch. 09

at all,’ Roger suggested. ‘Or to hold off an army of thugs trying to kill a cop,’ Bruno suggested. ‘How would it be against an army of cops?’ Roger asked. ‘Thugs, rogue cops none of them have artillery,’ Bruno said. ‘Hopefully,’ Roger added. Bruno showed his ID to a camera at the gate to have it mysteriously slide open. He drove the Buick to the

Dressed To Kill Ch. 01

had trashed her life, her trust and self respect. To those on the outside, it appeared to be the ideal marriage, but in the end nothing could have been further from the truth. Her marriage to Damien had started off being full of fun, joy and light. It was sprinkled with spontaneous gifts, bouquets of flowers, romantic dinners at the best

Online Love

they decided to go out to eat.Mickie was waiting for him on her porch. She was wearing dark blue shorts that were pretty tight and showed off her lovely ass, and also had on a light blue halter top. He knew she wasn’t wearing a bra, because her nipples were poking through the thin material. Her blond, shoulder length hair was in a ponytail, and

Thrown Into A New World

‘Who is sheee?!’ Cortney prodded, curious. Sean smiled bigger and didn’t answer, continuing his story, ‘I stood up, ran towards the window, and ran straight through the window with my arms blocking glass from getting to my face. ‘ He paused for a second, ‘Again, I was on the 50th floor… About four times I slowed down my fall, by slowing my

Total Woman Zodiac 02

onlookers with her tongue slathering displays of gastronomic bawdiness. Passing pedestrians threw haughty glances at the presumed ‘niece and uncle morning-after’ scene. Zack and Tori laughed off their undisguised frowns of outmoded societal correctness. Over the dregs of the fruit and cereal feast, Zack allowed that Tori was improving and should

Sky Gets What She Wants

your chests and nipples moving against each other. That’s it, that’s all it took for both of you to explode. You feel his wetness inside you as he releases one final breath of pleasure, and in return, you orgasm, letting your body tremble for the final time.He removes himself from you, grabs the shower head, and starts washing the fluid off both

SaM's Place - Chapter 01 of 15 The Invitation

was relatively clean and she could still read the neat printing beneath the coffee stain. So when the mechanical voice announced, "I'm sorry, this is a private club. If you are a member present your membership card and clearly speak your password," she held the card up to the screen and said, "Revenge." The heavy gate swung inward and the

AlClad lV Hospitality

life forces of humans. Very soon Jameson and Nelson were discovered, retrieved, and hustled back. When Strike force One returned to the scorpion, they had 2 extra passengers. Capt. Rene’Andrus unstraped and released her harness. She stepped into the shuttle bay. ‘McLane get everyone on board, and strapped down PRONTO. We need to exit this

Deal part 3

them that night. The first one to take Saras ass, I called Mr. Thick. His cock wasnt very long, but it was the biggest width Ive ever seen. He eased into Saras tight little butt hole (which I had been made to eat earlier in the evening&hellip,) and stretched her out farther than I thought she could take. She moaned in pain into my pussy and I

First Time Phone Sex

ring. I tapped to accept, and his voice filled my room."Are you there?" he asked."Yes.""Ah, you did talk!" he exclaimed, chuckling to himself.I could feel my cheeks blushing. "Shut up!" I said. Was I ten years old now?He chuckled again. "What are you doing right now?" his voice was low and husky now, and my panties instantly became ten times

White Briefs Part 4

"Do you like this?" she asked as she pulled the lips apart. Before I could answer Tony pushed my face towards her vagina and told me to lick it. I always obeyed Tony, he was my man. Her pussy had a strange taste and it was very slippery, sort of sticky. I found her opening and stuck my tongue in her vagina, as I did this Tony slipped his man meat

Faded Magic

his head back and one hand reached around to press her even a little closer - making his dick slide a little further down her throat. Reaching down to her panties, she started gently rubbing the ache she felt there. Now the jokes her friends made about practicing on bananas made sense. Before, she laughed because the others laughed. Now, she

Apocolypse chapter 17+18

one in the room also had some sort of FUN thoughts running through theirminds. When I was cleaned off I just sat down on my sleeping spot naked andgot some cheesey crackers and a warm pepsi, I know gross warm, and grubbed thatdown for dinner. When everyone saw me eating of course they got hungry toand all sorts of foods were broken out for

The Hive

the sensation, but she managed to stay upright. The bugs pincers clicked excitedly, then the others did the same, all of their tongues snaking their way into her yoga pants, drinking in the pheremones from her virgin vagina.In unison and without warning the four bugs pincers latched on to Kristy's pants and began ripping and tearing away at them

Best Friends Girl Part 2

My job at the firm is a lot better. So much in fact that I am able to afford to move out. I could finally afford a better apartment for myself. I know there are a few things I must do before I leave though. One of which is to return some of Roxy's things. When she left, she forgot a lot of stuff. Some of which was Chris's, but I could ship those

Sexual Exploits of Kyle James Summers

I wondered if she was as nervous and anxious as I was. The tip of my cock was pressed into against her clit, causing her to rub against it a little bit. I took my hand and guided it towards her hole, and slowly began inserting my penis. It hurt her as it stretched her walls. She dug her nails into my back and tightened the muscles on her face,

A Murder, A Mystery, A Mistake?

my head and she tosses it aside. Her lips journey down my skin. She sucks on my neck and makes her way down to my chest. She stops and gets off me. “Let’s go to your bedroom,” she says. I quickly get up and follow her, leaving all my inhibitions behind. As soon as we get into my bedroom, she tosses me on the bed and crawls on top of me. Our lips

The Librarian

that had picked up a tray each. “Nothing, being assholes as usual.” “You need to change roommate,” Tamara said.“I know, but there are no other available,” Julie replied.Tamara put away her makeup and said, “I know the guy over at the administration, I will have a talk with him.” “Really? How do you know him?” “That’s my business, but let’s just

Rhythm and the Blue Line Ch 36

and Bax dumped the puck down the ice. Brody put on a burst of speed and went after it, colliding with a Devil player along the boards. He grunted and jerked away, focused on getting the puck. Bax muscled his way into the scrum by the boards and Brody was glad for the help. Tolya waited near the goal line, ready to get to open space if he could.

Summer camp and the glory hole

breath, and took her left nipple in my mouth. That did it, she began to cum. "OHHHHHHHH bite my nipple" "God I'm Cumming"" Her fluid gushed around my invading digit as she grabbed my hips to steady herself. I continued sucking her hard nipples as she recovered. We rinsed off and went back to our sleeping quarters, all the while making plans on

Dressed to Thrill (Part 1)

and her tits squashed against my chest. But then she pulled out and lay on her back with the rigid monster sticking up in the air.“Climb on my cock and show me how well you can fuck it by yourself!” She said.As I mounted her large strap-on, I began to bounce up and down on the cock while she looked deep into my eyes. Her hands rested on my

A Fool Stumbles Into Love Ch. 04

the long spring, summer, and fall when he was the hero, the knight, stalwart defender of the helpless and weak. Like the little girl, he grew up. Who could have dreamed that years later, twenty years in fact, that same little boy, now a young man, would have a best friend badger and cajole him into going to a tavern to meet some insipid girl, a

Carole's Story 02 - Our Honeymoon

area, peered in through the bushes and listened. "I see why you married him," Dave said. "Yeah, you always loved the big dicks," Rick laughed. "Come on, guys," Carole pleaded. "Don't do this. I just got married." "Yeah, right," Dave said. "Saturday right?" "Yeah," Carole said. "Did you tell him that I fucked you the day before?" Rick asked. I

My Hot Sister-in-law

ran themselves with photos and videos. I watched for a while and was about to call it a night when I saw a thumbnail ad for another girls site.I clicked on the link and my mouth fell open. It was a hot sister-in-law posing naked on a bed. I spent the next 20 minutes looking over her photo sets. She had a pay version with the "good stuff" I had to

Chapter 02: 21 Days and a Wakeup

number two. Rick got number one, Don three and Jerome got four. ‘Why the fuck do I always get number one? If I didn’t know better I’d swear it’s fixed,’ he said picking up his gear. There were a total of eight trucks in our convey. Someone rode shotgun on the second truck and then every other truck after that. ‘Why doesn’t anyone ride on the

Rites of Passage Ch. 01

When I came to, the first thing I tried to do was check my inventory. However, I needed only to open my eyes to see myself in a small room, my equipment stacked neatly in one corner, and my barenaked body strapped to a bed in the other! I quickly gathered what I knew, 1: my water must have been drugged. But how? I had filled it not five minutes

Falling Prey To An Online Hypnotist

from his balls. She has never used that expression with me, but for him she was promising to be a good little slut and that she LOVED sucking cock. She had been practicing more and more with pieces of food and on her boyfriend. But she wanted a real man’s cock to suck – she wanted his. She wanted a cock that she had to practically gag on to take

Megan 2/?

open behind her and felt her heart drop. She turned back slowly and looked into the leering eyes of My Johnson. “ummm hello sir, could I please borrow some milk, I’ve run out and my mum won’t be home with anymore for ages,” Megan looked down at the floor as she asked not wanting to see his lust filled eyes looking at her. “Ah sweet Megan, I would

Jennifer's Surprise: Chapter 2

her own flesh and blood as her husband had silently settled himself into a chair, watching his wife, wondering what she would do first.Mark was still grinning as his mother seemed to be in a world of her own, playing with her body as she stared at his cock as if hypnotised. He then threw oil on the fire by grabbing his cock in a hand and

My First Time

Brock laughingly demanded as I noisily slurped on his salty shaft. The taste, the feel and the scent was incredible. I was consumed by the act.Brock held my head tight and forced his dick down my throat until tears streamed down my cheek as I fought my gag reflex."Suck me cocksucker," Brock wailed as his hard cock pumped in and out of my mouth.I

I was her bitch

her shorts are tight. I get more embarrassed the closer she is. She pulls my blanket away suddenly. "What the hell Niki!" As I try to grab it back she pushes me and I fall back on my elbows. She is then on me and I'm not sure what to do. She's straddling my chest and forcing me down. On one hand I want to push her off but then another part of me

Renee and her brother Ch.2

felt him pull it down her legs, and then she was totally naked. The next thing she felt was the heat of his mouth, her own body's sharp reaction as her pleasure climbed to another level. His tongue was merciless. It stroked with tiny, rasping vibrations that drove her crazy like she had only ever felt with him. She thought that she would explode

Waiting at home

your body as your nipples harden, happy that even the sight of your own body turns you on. Stepping into the shower your head immediately goes under the water to wash the day away. Shampoo, soap, a few gentle massages and scratches, and you're rinsing off. Stepping out, the mirror is only slightly fogged and you can see your bed in its

What do frustrated mature women do?

in the Western World, these men replacements tools in conjunction with dirty female thoughts are providing more than halve of Western Females a daily fuck as good as she is of thinking her fantasy sexual experience, where all men wish to be listening and thinking the ultimate female experience. So what was my last real life experience? It was in

mom and son

with her ‘Mom’ voice and he knew that she meant business. ‘I know Mom, it’s going to be hard to make out with you and tough not to get hard.’ Jim said as he looked over her legs and the pretty stockings. Allison loved Jim looking at her and her insides tingled. ‘Oh baby, you get as hard as you want and you’re to rub him all over my body!’ She

Vegas Adventure

to have her nipples sucked and bit and Bill was very willing. Soon after, a woman joined him and they took turns, licking, sucking and savoring her tits. Ellie was beside herself. The look of lust in her eyes was amazing and had me hard as a rock. I kissed her and soon found someone undoing my pants. It was the woman who had joined Bill. I broke

Tim's Pool Party

gonna cum”. Tim wrapped Jerry’s head in his arms and thrust into his mouth. Jerry’s mouth was cavernous and he took him deep into his throat. Tim fucked Jerry’s head several times, bucking harder and harder and then let his first shot of hot sperm go deep into his throat, then another and another and another. “Ughhh” Several more streams

A Christmas Miracle

about that. I don’t know why I was so worked up.’ So she was under the control of this loathsome serf — nothing to get in a tizzy over. As he sat back down across the room, Cole began to process what she’d said about her reaction to his incidental comments, and her response to his simple attempts to stop her from having a panic attack. ‘This must

George, Isolde, etc. Chapter XV

it. She said the recipes were old family recipes and reminded her too much of when my dad was around.” “Well, “ Isolde said, “I keep hearing this voice telling me what to do.” “That is too weird, “ said George. “While I was cleaning the fish, I could have sworn I heard my mom talking to me.” “What did she say?” inquired Isolde. “She told me I

European Nightmare Part VII

budge. She remembered how when she had been led out of the basement the door had been unlocked electronically. There would be no way of getting through. Disheartened but determined she turned and ran back the way she’d come. Seeing the backside of the girl as she flew down what he knew to be a dead end Mehmet couldn’t help but smile. There

The Transsexual Rapist

the hallway. I moved towards the sound, I got to the end of the hallway, it was the bedroom on my right, of the three rooms this was the biggest; the master bedroom. The door was ajar, I peeked in to see my mom with her legs spread, a finger in her ass and a hand fully dedicated to her pussy, she rubbed and rubbed.Unknowingly, my hand had moved

Inspiration Ch. 09

felt a tremble strike her body in response to the slid of his hands against her heaving tits. Her head bobbed and from her a surprising but simple confession, ‘Yes.’ His lips formed a satisfied grin then they grazed back up the slope of her neck and returned against her ear. Intrigued and aroused, he inquired, ‘How many times have you

High-Class Smut

I reasoned that if he could give Amy an orgasm, it wouldnt be a problem if I fucked his wife. She was thoroughly enjoying the fast pace of my fingering, so I flipped over on top of her and spread her legs with my own. Her pussy was very accepting of my cock, as I slid it inside her. I worked up to a good pace but was distracted by Amy, thrashing

Summer Vacation Ch. 32

though. She also told him Greg was going to take her to dinner and a movie in another town. She said Greg looked relieved when he heard that Tommy was going to take Bobby off their hands for the day. Tommy’s birthday arrived and his aunt had a small celebration at home. He got a letter from his parents. They expressed their amazement at the

The Trials of First Love Chapter 2

Nicki was devastated, but said she was glad that I was her first and not him.” I stared up at him and wondered why some guys want to be a girls first. It baffled me and I was happy that Jeremy was not like that. “I don’t want to pressure you as he did, but I want you very badly. I kept thinking about you as I told you about Nicki. I want to be

18 Year Old Ashley Gets More Than She Bargain For

Ashley was a bright 18 year old who was the head cheerleader at her high school. She was an extremely gorgeous looking girl who had a very petite body. She stood 5’2 and about 110 pounds. Her tits were very firm and above average in size. Her butt was fantastic as it was very firm and small. She had no problem getting men to look at her all of

Golden Oldie Rising

short spells of rest he drilled my twat twice more that day. By evening, I was tired but also floating blissfully on cloud nine. This outcome was astounding. As a youngster, sex four times in one day had reduced me to an incoherent wreck. Now as an oldie, it left me feeling great. Of course, the difference was that now the sex was by choice and

Rhythm and the Blue Line Ch 02

"It's just a laptop, but that laptop has my life's work on it." "Well, now I have to ask: what's your life's work?" She gave him a half-smile as she unlocked her door. "My music, my songs. I want to see my name in lights, play Carnegie Hall, all of that stuff. Well, Madison Square Garden anyway." She pushed the door open and swung herself inside.

Semina Vitae Ten

handheld. John, climb into this bed. Let’s begin recording a few firsts for me and for Mack.”Mary climbed into bed with John and then lay on his left side. She knew from videos that Mack was most turned on when he saw a wife’s wedding ring wrapped around a Bull’s cock. Mary wanted to feed his fantasy by stroking John so that her wedding ring

Dicked By The Detective

said you wanted to meet my colleagues and see where I worked,” “Not as a fucking suspect!” This time I poked his tie against his chest, pushing him further into the office. My admiration for the brilliant set-up meant I wasn’t entirely angry with him but I gave him the silent treatment as I walked round to the far side of the desk. “So, what do

Christie's tale or The third leg of the triangle pt.2

of the school.She was slightly disappointed to hear how promiscuous he was, but at the same time, quietly proud that she had trained him in the art of pleasing a woman so well.According to Hailey, the girls were lined up for a chance to have him pleasure them. From the stories Hailey had shared with her when she and Chris were still together,

Body of a Man, Mind of Machine - Chapter Two

to able to use a gun properly and have good aim, but the action of firing a bullet takes away the real skill. It distances you from your enemy, less of an attempt to protect your psyche than to make you seem less guilty. When you use guns, your strength isn’t measured in will power, physical dexterity, or spirit; your strength is measured in the

Arms Divided

a bit. On the way to his apartment, I couldn’t help but get hornier as he slid his hand up and down my upper thighs, each time getting closer to my underwear which was now soaked. When he did finally reach it he stopped. In the elevator up to his apartment we made out like we would never again. Once we got inside his apartment he shut the door

Family Conspiracy- Chapter 4: Marci's Awakening

sexual desire, and I knew I was going to have her. Every chance I got, I ran to her room to read more and more of the deviant things she would write about. I spent nearly a month reading through the pages of the journal, each time coming to a greater understanding on how our teenage daughter’s mind worked. And each time also coming to a mind

Love Thy Neighbor:Part 2

her squirm and moan. I could feel my cock as it slide in and out of her. My lips, teeth, and tongue were worshipping at her jiggling breast, my fingers were buried deep in her ass, our bodies slapping together, her cunt making crude music as I plundered it with my cock. I felt, as much as heard her cum. Her cunt milking my cock, trying to coax

Bi Guy Deflowered by Young Asian Man

hips around in pleasure. Frankly that was as much as I could take. Removing my cock from his mouth I turned around and got on my knees behind him. I was stroking my dick with my left hand so I placed my right between his legs and took a firm hold of his half-erect penis. I was still eyeing his ass and he knew it; this is probably why he continued

Dads Best Friend 3

up.” Came my fathers voice from the other side of the door. “What are we going to do?” I asked quietly. “I don’t know baby. Maybe he doesn’t suspect anything. Just, I guess, finish getting dressed in the bathroom and I’ll stall him. Just hurry.” He whispers kissing me on the for head as I grabbed my clothes and ran down the hall to the bathroom.

Ultimate Interface 1.0 - Chapter 4

deeper and deeper into her throat.Sandra leaned on her husband as she began to whisper new instructions to him before whispering "wake" into his ear.Lost in the moment of sucking her fathers cock, Jenny was slightly taken aback when her fathers hands slid over her head before pulling her harder onto his cock. "That's it honey, suck daddy's big,

Mom in a cards game

seeing mom scream when he spanks moms ass. But some how it felt as if mom was enjoying it.He then pulled mom and made her to sit again but mom said she did not want to play anymore but the cousin went to mom held moms neck and in angry tone told mom she knows the rules of the game and she has to obey it. Mom had no choice and continued playing

My aunt — my babysitter

we go. And he saw your boobs everyday? Yup, whole bunch of guys did, too. So Im not shy about them any more. Really? I said and kind of gawked her tits. I didnt mean you. But guys my age saw them? Yup, little boys, too. Everybodys on the beach, of course. Please, can I see? Im not supposed to do that. I know. I wont tell. Well, my dad saw. My

Teen Burglar Part 2

to suck gently. “Suck them balls a little harder boy and rub that tongue against my sack. Savor that taste and make my nuts feel good. I might have just fed you one nice load but there’s a lot more cum for you, pretty boy.” Mark bragged. Tommy looked miserable as he sucked on the man’s scrotum. The huge cock was brushing against his face as he

Brandon's Secret Lover

a nowheresville comp school, and she was from a posh family, rich, educated, well spoken, sophisticated, everything he was not, but still he dreamed of her, his one true love.He dreamed of her night and day.Maybe dreams could come true, maybe one day she would be his. With her by his side he could ignore the jibes directed at him, if she needed

The Island, Chapter 18

eating Emma’s wet snatch.“What is she doing?” Alyssa asked in amazement, clutching my shoulder with one hand, her other now resting on my thigh, dangerously close to my monster erection.“She’s giving oral sex to her friend. It’s one way girls can make love to each other.”“Wow! I’m not sure I could do that to another girl.” She thought for a

Straight sex fantasy

a bit of you – tasting you… you moan with desire and whimper, ‘Please… Ooooh… yesss… oh God, that’s sooo good… You hold on to my shoulders to steady yourself as I continue to tease your very wet pussy baby. My tongue is then very relentless as I use my tongue in your inner pussy and your clit – after a few minutes – you scream out, “Oh fuck!!!!

Pleasure Cove

for his unselfishness, Melaine disengaged herself from the embrace and move down engulfed his semi-rigid cock, cleaning it of the potent mixture of juices and awakening it, unable to control himself Johnny let fly giving her another dose of his love. Later they lay in the cove side by side, dozing against one another they both felt complete for

A teachers erotic adventure pt3

‘warm’ full lips lightly brush her own delicate lips. ‘At first’ they kissed timidly, their kisses soft against each other’s lips like the wings of a beautiful butterfly. All four people were caught up in the erotic magic of the moment, as Jennie and Peggy continued to kiss each other’s soft lips gently. Then Jennie felt an erotic jolt of

Swaziland Gangbang Part One

native and didn’t mind the odd scratch or mud on her legs or upper body. To me she looked like the leading lady from one of those jungle Rambo movies. Arriving at the waterfall, where the river fell about 20 feet over a ledge into a deep crystal pool surrounded with tree covered cliffs, we decided to stop for a swimming break. Taking the camera

Young marrieds have a little naughty fun

of her dress; I could feel what I suspected inthe reception… she had either no panties on, orthongs. Either way her ass cheeks were open to thenight breezes! A little naughty for my fairlyconservative wife, I thought. But I liked it!As we made out she leaned me back against a big cementtile that was there for kids to run through and playon. Still

A Venetian Night of Wonders

The other who had helped usher the passengers in, seemed to be keeping an eye on all of them. Both were in suits and black shirts, and wore white masks.While waiting for the boat at Rialto, Diana had explained the situation to Peter in minimal terms. They were a society of authors from an online community dedicated to erotic literature. Funded by

From Nobody to Somebody

about how long they had probably been together. He seemed to be in his mid-fifties and I believed that was about the age his wife probably was. “If you are willing to live in this to make her happy.” “I do love her,” he nodded, his eyes locking with my own. “Though I feel that she does not love me back.” “Why do you say that?” I asked him

Blinding Lust 2: The Dark Lords Awakening

turned around and with his business and all seriousness tone, said… Very well, meet me in the office, Ill be there shortly then proceed towards the end of the west wing…and she got worried all of a sudden…not by the meeting later but the fact that his bedroom is situated same as hers…right across hers…doors facing…how can she avoid him if ever,

The Bar

dark skin and big brown cat’s eyes. High cheek bones, a slender nose and full lips with a firm but petit chin. Even under the coat I could tell that she had a large set of tits, slim waist, and an ass that had to be very fine. She had on black stockings covering very shapely calf’s and black spike heels. After looking her up and down she asked me

My Best Friends Birthday Present

took care of me and worked, as I got to go to college. Now we’re both twenty-four, and living in an apartment together. As we got really close, we seemed more like a couple than best friends. We frequently saw each other naked, and we even showered together a few select times. We just never had sex, although I noticed that he had hard-ons from

50 Year Old Wife Goes Dogging

in the garden, as usual the conversation soon turned sexy. This is when my wife confessed that she would like to try outdoor sex, not in the garden but away from the area in which we lived.Before long we were in the car heading for the coast. "Where are we going?" she asked. I had decided to head for an area where dogging couples gathered, you

Giving In

her lips part and I immediately accepted the invitation and my tongue invaded hers. The kiss was so passionate and filled with so much unexplainable feelings, my legs became even weaker.So I could relax my legs, I carefully began pushing her back onto the bed, lowering myself on top of her body. We broke the kiss and she stared right into my eyes

Phoenix Pt 2 Ch 10

dazzling, bolts of lightning crashed all around her, blinding her, deafening her, and confusing her until she had no idea where she was or which way to fly. Béla felt sick and dizzy from all the lightening blasts and the terrible, wild tumbling, her whole body numbed by the horrific shaking just from the thunder surrounding her. She was so

Fifty Year Old Girlfriend

and the vibration were way too much for me.She smiled down at me and said, “Let it go baby. Give it to me. I’ll get it up again for you.”I looked up at her beautiful breasts and face and I looked past her into the mirror at her nice firm ass as I let the first load fly.Oh my fucking God!In all those years of marriage I had never once enjoyed sex

Small Town Trouble pt.1

on him now, not as big as yours though, but it is big for a kid his size!”Jim thought that he was in some weird ass dream, but to his discovery, he wasn’t. “So..what do we do? Report this to a newspaper or a hospital?” asked Jim sarcastically.“ha ha. Very funny you” Said Katie. Right when they started, they heard a high-pitched scream and

Hot tub fun

and shocked, I heard giggling. Fuck, I had been busted. I looked over and to my surprise, it was April. She was watching me, enjoying the show. She then told me Christy was staying the night and had decided to get some sleep, something about the weed making her tired.April decided to come outside to check on me, when she found me stroking my

Free Universal Carnal Knowledge Pt. 44

and I merely smiled. ‘F,’ explained Connie, pointing at Fran, ‘U,’ the recumbent Ursula, ‘C, K,’ herself and Kylie. Kylie sniggered. Fran looked reproachful at having been used so frivolously (but still pleased at having been used at all): ‘James, darling, that’s awful.’ ‘Later you can do me and Ursula again with Natalie and Tammy,’ suggested

The Ritual

I lie here every night and watch her do the most amazing things, sort of a ritual, before she goes to bed. But I am getting a bit ahead of myself. As I said, I am staying for part of the summer with the family of my best friend from college. His name is Dave, mine is Sebastian, Sebastian Robin, call me Bash. Having just graduated, I was looking

Thanks, Dr. Joe

under that table. She continued to moan as I pushed my rod deeper in her sweet ass. She squirmed a bit to get comfy as I pumped my cock in and out of her sweet tight hole. Apparently her pussy was linked to her asshole as she seemed orgasmic with her screams. I reached around with each hand and held her jiggling breasts as I humped her from

My affair part 6

right next to me and really happening. They finished and he quickly drove off. I thought I recognized him but Bill said it was just some stranger.Bill didn't close the curtains in the van and told me to get undressed. I think he liked knowing in this public place someone could see him getting a blow job just like the guy in the car next to us

Choose your own SexVenture Page 22

of her ass. You move your head in, gripping her ass cheeks open wide. Next, you slide your tongue down the same path, starting at the small of her back passing through her crack until you reach her tight asshole. You swirl your tongue around her opening and feel her quiver. You dip your tongue in to push some lube inside her to help coat her for

His parents condo: day 1

“I’ll race you to the car.” He ran off without another word. I stood there smiling before chasing after him. Of course he won the race but only because I didn’t know where I was going.  On the car ride to his house it was non-stop laughing and smiling. He always had a tendency to do that to me. I could never keep a straight face around him.

Nookie for cookie

at Abby. The blonde scooted to the middle of the bed and kicked off her Keds. She left on her knee socks. Smiling at the tall teenager, she unbuttoned her blouse for the second time in an hour. Abby pulled off the shirt, throwing it playfully at Jeremy. She kept her sash on. Abbys hands cupped her heavy breasts, her fingers again pulled on her

Aunt Miller

need any more encouragement and she took my cock in her mouth to suck and lick until it was hard the second time. “You like to eat pussy, Marcos?” Hell, she deep throated the cock, an absorbed pro giving head in such splendid way!! I could guess this woman had been hungry for cock since long ago; she sucked like greedy doing a perfect blow job;

The Widow in the Rain

“I noticed that you looked at my face and then my legs but you didn’t lose yourself in my cleavage, and I find that encouraging and a good sign.” “Well, naturally men are going to look at you; you’re not only attractive but you dress well and you seem to be in good shape.” “Thank you for noticing. I’m Adele,” she said, extending her hand across

Little time thief CH. 1

as any educated man, Presley nods at him and attempts a small smile but stops when he fidgets in his seat, I was very sorry to hear about your father… Miss Duke. Ahh… Thank you, Mr. Burnum. You came to discuss my fathers estate? She asks, unsure exactly how this meeting is supposed to go, under the desk her feet twist nervously against the chair

A Dog is a Young Man's Best Friend

it out before slamming it back in after a fraction of a second. And still Jo didn’t make a sound other than some grunting from the impact of my hips against her ass. The thought that my dog was enjoying this as much as I was took me to even greater heights and I felt my balls creeping up toward my body as I dug in and out of her ass. I pounded

Husband Shows Me Off On Our Honeymoon

flowery area. There was a gazebo there and I presume it was used for weddings and pictures. It was quite dark and he led me to the gazebo and proceeded to kiss me deeply again. This time though, his hands were roaming all over my body. It felt amazing! I just let me do what he wanted and responded by offering him my tongue anytime his lips were

Potential Part 3

she was trying to make him horny, all the time. Didn't she understand how hard it was for him? She use to suck his dick and let him cum in her mouth, now he couldn't even touch her. Hearing about shooting off in Deana's panties and seeing Becky's pussy had opened Pandora's box.“Damn it,” Jason said, and shoved his shorts down to his ankles. “Why


and twisting them as she rose and lowered herself. She knew he loved to fuck her when she wore her panties, and she would make this fuck count. She moved slightly and hooked her feet over his lower thighs as she leaned back resting her hands on his knees, slowly swaying her hips in a rhythm, forward and back, forward and back. His cock sliding up

Late Night Encounter

slid inside her easily. Now she had his mouth on the top of her pussy, a finger wiggling in her fuckhole, and another finger buried in her ass. She came within minutes. This one hit her like a raging river, filling her with a torrent of hot spikes racing through her veins. Her legs quivered, her toes curled, and she felt something shift deep

The Rider

often, she said that she almost came every time I hit her hard and that she did cum about 8 times while I was beating her and fucking her. The problem was she couldn’t set for 3 days after that. This went on for 3 weeks, Jess would go to the house with me when I went home and would go out with me every time I was on the road. We hit 15 states in

Chasing Love Ch. 11

hurrying away. ‘Doctor Fletcher?’ Caitlin asked, walking into the infirmary. ‘What is it Caitlin?’ Doctor Fletcher wanted to know, stepping out of his office. ‘I’ve been having some severe stomach cramps the last few hours,’ Caitlin said, wincing. ‘Up on the table.’ Caitlin shuddered as she did as she was told while she watched the medic gather

An Affair with Nikki

hmmm she’s cute, not beautiful but cute. Lot’s of freckles which I’m not normally into but she had these big blue/gray eyes framed by these beautiful eye brows. (Yeah, I know… eyebrows???) Anyway, nothing that stunned me but nice to look at. At one point in the interview she leaned in close to point something out on her resume and it hit me. The

Nuns, Cages and Tanks

on the tank. She squinted against the sun and glared for a moment before shaking her head slowly. The crowd was even louder with its cheers – they came for the fight. ‘SO BE IT! INTO THE CAGE AND FIGHT FOR YOUR FREEDOM! LET PTERO EAT THE REMAINS OF THE LOSER!’ The bear let out a yawn at mention of its name. The cage’s door opened and Mary climbed

Ms Wilcox

cupping first one cheek, then the other. His breathing became heavy, as his cock was now forming a bulge in his little-boy pants."Uh Oh," Tammy began, "somebody's being naughty!"Her scolding tone was what he used to hear at work. The palm of her free hand now found the hot bulge in the front of his shorts, and with a gentle squeeze,

Echo Ridge Bed & Breakfast - Pt. 01b

Denise," he said.Denise smiled, went to the bed and pulled back the bedclothes . She crawled onto the bed, wiggling her behind, then lay, seductively, looking at Stephen."Well?" she asked, pinching one of her nipples."I don't know what to say...""Don't say anything. Take your clothes off and get over here," Denise said shaking her head. Even the

Good Son

was whimpering and I could tell she was starting to have another orgasm. I was more than ready to cum myself, so I increased the tempo of my cock in and out of her cunt and really started to drive my cock in hard. Mom’s entire body would shake each time I thrust into her and she started to make deep moans or gurgling sounds in time with my

Her Blue Eyed Boy Part 7

do something. I had no idea that she would go and do something like this. I wish you would stop smoking Dan. It’s not good for you,” Sarah said throwing the packet of fags in the bin. “You stupid bitch! How dare you think you can tell me what to do. If I want to have a fucking fag I will. You should have fucking told me. I don’t need you to fight

Broken Hearts and Last Goodbyes

her onto the seat. It had been a long day, and Miley was emotionally and physically exhausted, and she let him put her in the car despite her wariness. Nick ran to the other side and started the ignition. "You're not drunk are you?" he asked as she leaned her head back against the seat and closed her eyes, "I mean, you're not going to throw up or

Falling for the First Time Ch. 04

of icy lakes. They were all awe-inspiring views from different locations around the world. ‘Did you take these, too?’ ‘Mhmm,’ he was looking at her with a sparkle in his eyes, simply watching in amusement. ‘Wow,’ she whispered out loud, bending her neck at different angles as if to really study the photos. She almost stumbled to the side,